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by: Camille N. De Pedro

Aside from body type, face-shape type, and ever personality type; did you know that there is also such thing as ‘foot type’ that you should know. This is very essential to know specifically when it comes to choosing your running shoes whether you are an athlete or a just person who jogs around for some times. Being able to know your foot type for choosing the right shoes is very important to avoid the risk of having minor to major injuries that you can have from running. Here are the three basic home-made steps to follow before you go to a store and buy your new pair of running shoes.

  1. Be familiar with the three main foot types.

            The first thing that every person who wants to buy a pair of running shoes should know is the shape of feet they have. There are three main foot types, the Flat, Neutral, and High-arched. Flat footed people literally have flat and plain bottom surface kind of feet. Having no arch in the surface of the feet tends to lack support for balance that makes a person prone to stumble forwardly. Flat foot in a more technical term is also called Overpronation. On the other hand, High-arch-footed or Underpronation being rigid leads to Supination wherein too much shock when landing is focused on the outside edge of the feet. Lastly, Neutral footed people are those with biomechanical advantage for they have the ideal support in the foot that enables to absorb and spread the shock equally around the muscles in the feet and legs.

  1. Know whether you have a Flat, High-arched, or Neutral foot type.

Prepare three cardboards or any paper that is the same size as a full cartolina. Place it in a plain-surfaced floor. Then, get your feet wet with water, not as soaked that droplets of water are dripping from it, just the right one that can leave a mark on the paper. After that, walk normally over the cardboard. Do this for three times in each cardboard. Take a photo of the wet marks of your feet that was left in the paper before it gets dry.

Observe the photos you have taken, and identify to where the three is closest to the images below. Afterwards, you can classify there which type of feet you have.


  1. Classify your Shoe Type.

            Aside from the aesthetic features that shoe companies create for the shoes they sell, they have also developed models that adapt to the support needed by each foot types.

If you are a Flat-footed or Overpronator, the best type of shoes for you are Stability Shoes and Motion Control Shoes. These two types of shoes give more stability and support to your feet with its internal wedges. These shoes are designed to prevent the Flat-footed people from over-rotating when running from the heel to toe.

Moreover, if you are a High Arch-footed  or Underpronator, the right running shoes for you are Cushioned Shoes. The problem with the High Arch-footed is that their feet do not roll in much when running, and that they lack with natural shock absorption. That is why Cushioned shoes are made to protect the feet from shocks with these soft shoes.

Lastly, for Neutral or Normal-footed people, the best shoes are Neutral Shoes. You can actually use any type of shoes as long as the design is not for extremely Overpronators or Underpronators. Either shoes with stability, cushioning, or motion control will be alright as long as it will not stress your feet and other muscles in your lower body when running.

Types of Running Shoes Samples 

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