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Things every people should always remember in living their lives.

by: Camille N. De Pedro

Life is a mystery to everyone. No one truly knows where one is going, what one may face; no one truly knows whether heaven exists or whether there is a God indeed. It’s all a series of questions and the beauty about it comes from the fact that all these questions require no exact answer. We all live different lives and take different paths, each one special, difficult. Nonetheless, life is beautiful… a lot wonderful, and we should keep on reminding ourselves to live happily with this gift, not with huge and lavish efforts or material things but with  these five simple reminders.

  1. Live in the Present

        We are too busy studying, working, and aiming for the pursuit of happiness we want to have in life in the future to the point that we actually forget what is in the present. We become too focused on the problems, discontentment, and struggles that we are encountering which we see as hindrances towards aiming our goals for the future. We also tend to live in the past because of the regrets and the missed opportunities we failed to take that we forget to move on and to live with what is in the moment.  

Appreciate and see the beauty of present. There is a saying from the film ‘Kung Fu Panda’ that ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift’, that’s why it is called present; it is the greatest gift a person could have for it is the bridge of what has happened and what has to happen. Create time and moments with your parents and siblings such as eating dinner and asking how were they. Change is inevitable so enjoy the gift of ‘now’ for we may never know when is change going to happen, and we can no longer go back and change it. So today, learn from the past, prepare for the future, and live in the present.


  1. Enjoy Learning

        The generation today becomes too heavy with information, and the access to it has become too easy to have that we take the process for granted, and we forget to appreciate the joy of actually learning it. Every time we learn, we gain knowledge and with more knowledge, comes more confidence. Learning makes us more adaptable and flexible to change.

        Reading books is one way for us to learn that will never get old. To enjoy learning, do not stop reading and searching for knowledge. Learning is what makes life worthwhile and meaningful for it is a continuous process in a person’s life, so embrace it.

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  1. Difficulties make us Grow

        People think that problems and challenges that happen in life are signs of weakness and vulnerability. We tend to think like things are not meant to happen because there are things that hinder us from having it. But in reality, these difficulties are what makes us stronger. It makes us go out of our comfort zone and be a better version of ourselves.

        So, if there are challenges that are happening, embrace it for it is where we’ll learn. Just be positive and strive in pushing harder towards that one goal, and be the version of yourself one step higher to whom you were before.

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  1. Live like a Child at Heart

Being an adult is full of grown up things we have to deal with–  work , bills, taxes, and other things that require responsibilities. These things have swallowed up and made people ignore to see the wonderful things around us — the flowers that bloom along the places we pass through, the people who cares for us, and every  fun and excitement life has to offer to us.

To be innocent, joyful, enthusiastic, loving, kind, and humble, these are what grown up people should recall of from the traits we have been when we were and kids and should remain up to the rest of our lives. It is not only a break from the complexity of the ‘harsh’ life we are currently going through, but rather the best way to live the life full of beauty.

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  1. Love Yourself

This may be a cliche advice, but this will always be the core factor in able to have a meaningful life. You yourself is the pilot of your life, therefore have everything in command. Strengthen every aspect of you that will make your foundation sturdy that no any storms can destroy you. Loving oneself, outside the egoistic concept, means a holistic development – Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Be physically healthy and a have a healthy lifestyle. Start eating right and engaging yourself to various activities. Also, remove the toxic people in your life that contributes stress to you, or at least distance yourself and focus on other things instead. We cannot always choose the people whom we want to be with, like at work, but we can at least have a control of distancing and making ourselves distracted to other things to avoid the emotional stress they cause. You can also read books, poetry, listen to music, and other abstract things to refresh your mind and be tickled with other interesting things in life aside from what you routinely do every day. And lastly, practice your spiritual faith from time to time; reconnect with Him and thank him for all the graces you have, that despite all the hardships in life, you are still there, standing strong and striving to keep on living the greatest give he has given to you, and that is your life. 


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