News Article


by: Camille N. De Pedro

The new inaugurated Vice President Leni Robredo has chosen QC Reception House as her official office for the whole term of her service starting June 30. Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte has offered the residential facility to Robredo’s camp without informing the city Mayor Herbert Bautista according to an anonymous employee from the city hall media office.

Moreover, the anonymous official said that the Mayor could no longer object because this would just cause unnecessary controversy. However, Mayor Bautista said that he is still honoured to host the Office of the Vice President in Quezon City. Bautista would have to pack up his belongings in the Reception House before June 30 when VP Leni’s group is supposed to move in.

The originally called Quezon City Executive House was also known before as the “Boracay Mansion” which controversially owned by the former President and now Manila Mayor,  Erap Estrada for his favoured mistress. After foreclosed and demolished by the city government, it was then rebuilt to serve as the executive house of city Mayor Herbert Bautista. It was later converted by Bautista as  a pet project to be the reception house of the the local government for important event and dignitaries.


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