Restaurant Critic


by: Camille N. De Pedro

 Kismet, in its original form means destiny. Fate tells you that this café is unique and worthy of its name. Not into mainstream? Not into meat? The Kismet Café has got the best of both worlds. From cheap booze to amazing vegan, gluten-free, and organic food, this hipster place has got it all for you.

About Kismet Cafe 

The ambience of the place will make every hipster rejoice. Once you enter, you will notice the colorful walls and the optimistic quotations painted on the walls. There are also a few mood-boosting items that you may also buy such as books, bags and accessories, which really add up on the joyful mood that this place gives you.  These appealing and original aesthetic elements of Kismet will inspire you and directly make you feel really good about yourself.

For those who are health conscious, this is the right place for you. However, the menu, is a bit pricy. The vegan menu costs a whole lot more than the drinks. But despite that, the non-meat foods are actually worth every penny. Pesto Pockets are one of my personal favorite sandwiches there. The real organic taste of pesto plus the crunchiness of the bread with the chewy cheese inside is really one of the best.  But if you are craving for something to eat that doesn’t really taste ‘healthy’ but at the same time doesn’t give you a guilt after eating, you should try their very own Vegetarian bbq pizza.

Instagram Photos @thekismetcafe

 And if you are the kind of person who is fueled up by caffeine, make this as your fueling station. They offer various organic tea flavors. Personally, I am most loyal with these two – Organic Min Tea and Pandan Tea, for they really have a good aroma that will give you a feeling of being in a solemn green field  having your mind and soul cleansed.  And my most favorite part, these tea, along with its natural benefits, is refillable. So, you can literally do fueling up for a long, busy and hectic day.  I also recommend the vegan cookies which they named “The Best Cookie Ever” which is made from molasses, served with their original blend coffee. I have enjoyed everything from the very first bite of the cookie until the last sip of the caffeine.

Instagram photos @thekismetcafe

The location is not spacious but the staff and accommodation make the place feel very warm and comfortable. You’ll barely notice the small area. Along with the great menu, the wi-fi connection is fast and easy to connect to. Eating and surfing the web would be as easy as ABC. The staff is very welcoming, courteous, and very hospitable. They were all smiles and it made the place warmer than it already was.


Kismet Café may not automatically mean that you will meet your “destiny” in that café but its name invites you to have a date with “destiny” itself in their café. Your destiny is the great food they have, the drinks they offer, the ambience they possess, and the staff the pride in. You will have a great time dining in this place and I doubt you won’t be coming back for more.

Follow them on Facebook: The Kismet Cafe & Wellness Market, Instagram: @thekismetcafe



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